Welcome to the Rome Countryside!

Welcome to Sabina in the Rome Countryside; a beautiful quiet and untouristy area of Italy, just a stone's throw from the ancient city of Rome. Sabina's landscape is a tapestry of olive groves, vineyards and ancient hilltop villages, rich in medieval architecture and tradition.

There is so much to do in Sabina: trek across panoramic mountains, clear streams and picturesque olive groves, see medieval castles, stunning hilltop villages and ancient monasteries. Sample the world-renowned Sabina olive oil and local wines and take part in Sabina cooking classes where you can discover the secrets of the local cuisine for yourself. Relax in the stunning Sabina landscape - walking, biking, or if you wish, even by horse.

Whatever you are looking for, Sabina has it all. If you are interested in visiting this distinctly 'untouristy' part of the Rome Countryside, take a look the information below, or visit www.visitsabina.com to find out more about the Sabine hills; where to stay and what to do!

Where is Sabina?

Sabina is very conveniently located around an hour from Rome, by train from the City or by car, either from Rome or from Rome's two main airports - Ciampino or Fiumicino. The Sabina area lies to the North East of Rome. (See map - you can see Rome in the bottom left!)

Click on the map above to view our Sabina map full size in a new window! You can also find information on how to get to Sabina. Sabina lies mostly in the region of Lazio, (Latium), but also partially in South Umbria as well.

What can I see and do in Sabina?

Sabina is full of things to see and do; explore pretty hilltop medieval villages, walk or bike in the Sabine hills, or just relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Sabina olive oil is a fundamental part of the local culture, so don't miss a trip to the local olive oil museum, see the biggest olive tree in Europe, take part in an olive oil tasting, or even an olive collection! Check out our list things to see and do in Sabina for inspiration!

Click on the image above to see our photo gallery of Sabina.

Food and drink

Sabina has many traditional dishes and recipes, of course heavily influenced by nearby Rome. During your visit to Sabina, you should definitely make it an aim to visit an agriturismo to sample some of the local cuisine. At these places you will be served tasty, seasonal and authentic dishes. You could also visit a Sagra in Sabina. (A festival - usually food based.)

History in Sabina

Sabina is rich in History - the legend even goes that ancient Rome was born in this area! From tiny, medieval hilltop villages, to Roman ruins, castles and abbeys, there is history everywhere you turn in Sabina. Have a look at our brief history of Sabina.

All this... just 1 hour from Rome!

The fact that Sabina is so close to Rome is definitely one of its biggest advantages, and because Sabina is so close to Rome, you could combine a trip to the city with a visit to the countryside, either just for the day or even for a night or two.

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